St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon

Artistic Excellence

St.Teresa considers education in the arts among one of the most important areas of learning. Students of the school participate regularly in the different forms of art competitions, where they express their feelings and ideas in a way that is not ward dependent. Children learn, develop critical skills and have fun when they are provided with the opportunity for creative and artistic expression. Painting, colouring, writing, music playing and crafts and origami are the creative activities regularly conducted in the school.
Just like Mathematics or Science, art requires regular practice and is not something that can be achieved through sporadic learning. Thus, regular engagement and education in the different forms of art is the core of our school curriculum to have an everlasting impact on our students. The various programmes and competitions arranged by the school helps the Teresians to improve their decision making, boosts their self confidence and makes them more self assured. Students become self – learners who constantly challenge themselves and become more focused on achieving their goals.