St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon

Principal desk

Welcome to St. Teresa’s Convent School. Many of the visitors to this page will be those looking to enter school as students or staff. Welcome to you… St. Teresa’s Convent School provides a unique experience. We, the Sisters of CMC Congregation, consider “Education as a God given Mission”. In the pursuit of living out the mission laid by our founder, St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, a well-known 19th century educationist from Kerala, we have been making a small yet momentous difference in the society, only because of God’s grace that has sustained us. Education is a beacon of light that lights up our life, true education liberates and broadens vision of life and inspires progress. We strive to ignite the light in each student and shape them into becoming torchbearers of future, and wipe out the darkness of ignorance and hatred to replace with hope to live “Life in fullness”.
The school has stood on these values for the last three decades since 17th June 1991.Equipped with dedicated efforts of staff, excellence among the students and cooperation of parents we have seen glorious achievements which have garnered accolades for the school.
Abraham Lincoln, the former president of America once vowed, “Without Divine assistance I cannot succeed, with it I cannot fail”. I am encouraged to help chronicle a new chapter of the school with the grace and wisdom vested by God Almighty. We will endeavour to explore new vistas ensuring our students remain as shining stars in the sky of education and life.
We would appreciate your visit to our website to receive timely updates and we would welcome your suggestions for betterment of our School. May St. Teresa’s Convent School grow from strength to strength, flourishing for the greater glory of God, marching onward to the supreme service of our Nation, World and Humanity!
With sincere gratitude to all.

Sr. Julit Abraham, CMC