St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon

Special Events and Celebrations

Colour Days

“Your attitude is like a box of crayons, that colour your world.Try adding bright colours to the picture by including humour and your picture begins to lighten up”.
-------Allen Klein.

We at St.Teresa’s Convent Little Kingdom celebrate various colour days. The primary colours Red, Yellow, Green and Blue along with secondary colours are introduced to KG. Section through colour days celebrated year around.
Many activities such as Funfairs, Exhibitions, Dance, Dramas, Songs etc representing different colours are held. The children are attired as per the particular colour day in which they look stunning and make the environment lively and colourful.
These events help the children understand the various colours and the concept of colour is made clear.

Cultural Week

Cultural week is an event which is celebrated every year to highlight the hidden talents of tiny tots with great zeal and enthusiasm.
Various competitions viz. Singing, Dancing, Fancy Dress, Speech etc are conducted which helps in the overall development of a child. A large number of students participate in these competitions with high spirit and zest.

Personality Contest

Each child is gifted and talented. Some talents get sharpened as per a child’s natural embodiment while some talents are a result of overall upbringing. The total sum is what we call as “Personality of a child”.
This is gauged and evaluated through a dedicated ‘personality contest’ organized regularly in our school. This helps to understand the personality traits of children and it is easy to mould them accordingly as successful and capable citizens of tomorrow.

We provide the students platform to: -
1) Showcase their talents.
2) Show their confidence by introducing themselves.
3) Boost up their confidence by answering general questions.
4) Show their presence of mind by answering the questions put spontaneously by the judges of the contest.