St. Euphrasia’s Teresian Intelligence Cum Merit Exam (E-Time)

“Vision is the act of perceiving what is invisible to others”.

ST. EUPHRASIA’S TERESIAN INTELLIGENCE CUM MERIT EXAM is a 3-tiered Quiz contest which initially started as an Intra – school competition in the year 2017, and then Inter – School and now it has reached at the National level. E – TIME Quiz Contest is destined to provide learning that fosters the inherent qualities of students helping them reach Zenith. It not only scales the children on their academic excellence but also promotes their potentials and calibers. It is a competition that intends to upgrade the scholastic skill and develop a child prodigy while fulfilling a philanthropic gesture.

The entire Quiz consists of different age groups:

Whiz Kids for Grades 1 to 4.
Whiz Marvel for Grades 5 to 8.
Whiz Pro for Grades 9 to 12.

The entire quiz consists of three levels:

Level 1 – Multiple Choice questions.
Level 2 – Group discussion and Extempore.
Level 3 – Mega Quiz contest.

Level 3 has four rounds.

Round 1 – Take your pick.
Round 2 – Mixed Bag.
Round 3 – Double trouble.
Round 4 – Fast and furious.
The winners are awarded with cash price of Rs 10,000/-, Rs 5000/-, Rs 3000/- respectively.